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  • AI Podcast Show Notes: Why podcast producers should use them

    As podcasting becomes increasingly popular, the need for quality show notes has grown exponentially. AI podcast show notes are becoming an invaluable asset for podcast producers, allowing them to quickly and easily create detailed summaries of their episodes. AI podcast show notes are a great way to provide listeners with a summary of the episode‘s […]

  • The 34 Best Podcast Agencies (And Reasons to Hire One)

    Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular and more profitable. Revenues from podcast advertisements are expected to surpass $2 billion by 2023 and there are currently more than 850,000 podcasts and around 30 million podcast episodes available. To support this growth, a number of podcast agencies are emerging to help podcast creators with various tasks such as […]

  • Helping FairStreet Create a Niche Podcast for Insurance Agents

    99% of podcasts never get over 4.5K+ downloads per month. We did this for our client in under 60 days. When we started working with FairStreet, they were largely focused on demand capture. Specifically, they were deploying a lot of resources to paid ads and cold emails. When we engaged with them the defined goals […]

  • Growing Rupa Health’s Podcast from 0 to a 250K+ Monthly Downloads in 6 months

    This case study is an origin story of how the Acclaim Podcast Agency came to be. I was hired for a specific reason at Rupa Health — I’m good at finding marketing arbitrage. When I initially joined Rupa they had just found product market fit, had a target audience, and needed to build distribution. These […]

  • b2b podcast production agency

    Podcasting is an increasingly popular medium for businesses to connect with their target audience and share their expertise and insights. B2B podcast production agencies specialize in creating high-quality podcasts for businesses, providing a range of services including planning, scripting, recording, and post-production. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using a B2B […]

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