best podcasts for 20 somethings

Introduction to the Best Podcasts for 20-Somethings

Welcome to the world of podcasts, where the power of audio storytelling meets the convenience of on-demand content. Whether you’re commuting, working out, or simply relaxing at home, podcasts have become an increasingly popular medium for entertainment, education, and personal growth. And if you’re a 20-something looking for the best podcasts to fuel your curiosity and inspire your journey, you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the realm of podcasts specifically curated for the 20-something audience. We will explore a diverse range of topics, from personal development and career advice to lifestyle, health, entertainment, and pop culture. Each section will highlight the most engaging and thought-provoking podcasts worth tuning into, providing you with a valuable resource to enhance your knowledge, broaden your perspectives, and make the most of your twenties.

Why are podcasts popular among 20-somethings?

Before we dive into the best podcasts for 20-somethings, let’s take a moment to understand why this medium has gained such popularity among individuals in their twenties. This generation is known for its desire to learn, grow, and make the most of their formative years. Podcasts offer a unique blend of entertainment, education, and inspiration, making them an ideal choice for 20-somethings seeking personal and professional development.

One of the key reasons podcasts resonate with this demographic is their accessibility. With just a smartphone and a pair of earphones, you have instant access to a vast library of captivating conversations, insightful interviews, and engaging stories. Whether you’re commuting to work, hitting the gym, or unwinding after a long day, podcasts provide a convenient way to make the most of your time and feed your hunger for knowledge.

Furthermore, podcasts offer a refreshing break from the visual and textual content that often inundates our lives. They allow you to engage in active listening, where you can fully immerse yourself in the audio experience without the distractions of screens. This creates a unique opportunity for introspection, reflection, and internalizing the valuable lessons shared by podcast hosts and guests.

Additionally, podcasts provide a platform for diverse voices and perspectives that might not always be represented in mainstream media. This is particularly valuable for 20-somethings who are keen on expanding their horizons, challenging their beliefs, and gaining a deeper understanding of the world around them. By listening to podcasts, you can explore different cultures, ideologies, and experiences, fostering empathy, open-mindedness, and personal growth.

In the following sections, we will guide you through a carefully curated selection of the best podcasts for 20-somethings. Whether you’re seeking practical career advice, personal development insights, health and wellness tips, or simply a dose of entertainment and pop culture, we’ve got you covered. So, grab your earphones, settle into a comfortable spot, and get ready to embark on a journey of audio exploration that will enrich your twenties and beyond.

Overview of the podcasting industry

Podcasting has revolutionized the way we consume audio content, offering a unique and accessible platform for creators to share their stories, knowledge, and expertise. Over the past decade, the podcasting industry has experienced exponential growth, with millions of episodes available on a wide range of topics. From true crime and comedy to self-help and business, there is a podcast out there for everyone.

So, what exactly is a podcast? Simply put, it is an audio program that is made available on the internet for streaming or downloading. Unlike traditional radio shows, podcasts are typically available on-demand, allowing listeners to choose when and where they want to tune in. This flexibility has contributed to the widespread popularity of podcasts, particularly among 20-somethings who value convenience and control over their listening experience.

The rise of smartphones and the increasing availability of high-speed internet have played a significant role in the growth of the podcasting industry. With just a few taps on their smartphones, listeners can access a vast array of podcasts from all around the world. This accessibility has not only democratized content creation but also empowered individuals to explore new topics, learn from experts, and connect with like-minded communities.

Another driving force behind the popularity of podcasts is the intimate and immersive nature of the medium. Unlike visual content, which requires our full attention, podcasts can be enjoyed while multitasking. Whether you’re cooking, exercising, or commuting, podcasts provide a companion-like experience, allowing you to engage with captivating stories, insightful conversations, and thought-provoking discussions.

Furthermore, the podcasting industry has witnessed significant innovation and diversification in recent years. From one-person shows recorded in home studios to professionally produced podcasts with high production values, the range of podcast formats and styles is vast. This diversity ensures that there is something for everyone, catering to different tastes, interests, and learning preferences.

The podcasting landscape is constantly evolving, with new shows and genres emerging regularly. As the industry continues to grow, so does the quality and variety of content available. This presents a golden opportunity for 20-somethings to tap into this vast reservoir of knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment.

In the next sections, we will explore the best podcasts for 20-somethings across various categories, including personal development, career and entrepreneurship, lifestyle and health, as well as entertainment and pop culture. So, buckle up and get ready to discover the podcasts that will fuel your passion, broaden your horizons, and make your twenties an unforgettable decade of growth and exploration.

Top Podcasts for Personal Development

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world we live in, personal development has become crucial for individuals, especially those in their twenties, who are navigating the challenges and opportunities that come with this transformative decade. Podcasts dedicated to personal development offer a wealth of knowledge, insights, and practical advice to help 20-somethings unleash their potential, cultivate self-awareness, and navigate the complexities of life.

“The Tim Ferriss Show”

Hosted by renowned author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss, “The Tim Ferriss Show” is a must-listen podcast for anyone seeking inspiration and guidance on achieving exceptional results in various aspects of life. Tim interviews world-class performers, ranging from athletes and artists to entrepreneurs and scientists, to uncover their strategies, tools, and tactics for success. With in-depth conversations that dive into the minds of these exceptional individuals, this podcast provides valuable insights and actionable takeaways that can be applied to personal and professional growth.

“The School of Greatness”

Hosted by former professional athlete and lifestyle entrepreneur Lewis Howes, “The School of Greatness” is a podcast that aims to inspire and educate listeners on how to live a more fulfilling and impactful life. Lewis interviews thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts from various fields to extract their wisdom and share it with his audience. Topics covered include mindset, relationships, career, health, and more. With its engaging and thought-provoking conversations, “The School of Greatness” offers valuable lessons and practical strategies for 20-somethings looking to unlock their full potential.

“The Tony Robbins Podcast”

Tony Robbins, a world-renowned motivational speaker and life coach, brings his dynamic and empowering energy to “The Tony Robbins Podcast.” In this podcast, Tony shares his insights, strategies, and techniques for personal and professional growth, drawing from his decades of experience in helping individuals transform their lives. Whether it’s overcoming limiting beliefs, mastering emotions, or achieving financial success, Tony’s powerful advice and interviews with inspiring guests make this podcast a valuable resource for 20-somethings seeking personal development and fulfillment.

“The Minimalists Podcast”

For 20-somethings looking to embrace a minimalist lifestyle and find more meaning in their lives, “The Minimalists Podcast” is a perfect listen. Hosted by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, two advocates of minimalism, this podcast explores the benefits of living with less and focusing on what truly matters. Through thought-provoking conversations, practical tips, and real-life examples, Joshua and Ryan inspire listeners to declutter their physical and mental spaces, simplify their lives, and find contentment in the pursuit of less.

“The Life Coach School Podcast”

Hosted by Brooke Castillo, a certified life coach and entrepreneur, “The Life Coach School Podcast” offers powerful techniques and insights to help individuals overcome challenges, shift their mindset, and create the life they desire. Brooke shares her expertise in areas such as self-confidence, emotional resilience, goal-setting, and relationships. Through actionable tips, mindset shifts, and thought exercises, this podcast equips 20-somethings with the tools they need to navigate the ups and downs of life and become the best versions of themselves.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration, practical advice, or strategies for personal growth, these podcasts will provide you with the knowledge and insights to make the most of your twenties. So, grab your earphones and immerse yourself in the wisdom shared by these exceptional hosts and guests. Your journey towards personal development and self-discovery starts now.

Career and Entrepreneurship Podcasts

In today’s rapidly changing job market, 20-somethings are often faced with the challenges of building a successful career or starting their own business. Fortunately, there is a plethora of podcasts dedicated to providing valuable insights, practical advice, and inspiring stories in the realm of career development and entrepreneurship. Whether you’re looking for guidance on starting a side hustle, seeking strategies for professional growth, or simply wanting to learn from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs, these podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge to help you navigate your career journey.

“The GaryVee Audio Experience”

Gary Vaynerchuk, a renowned entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, brings his unfiltered and energetic style to “The GaryVee Audio Experience.” This podcast offers a mix of keynote speeches, interviews, and raw conversations where Gary shares his insights on entrepreneurship, marketing, social media, and personal branding. With his no-nonsense approach and practical advice, Gary empowers 20-somethings to take bold actions, embrace their passions, and create the life and career they desire.

“The Side Hustle School”

Hosted by Chris Guillebeau, “The Side Hustle School” is a podcast that explores the world of side hustles and provides inspiration for those looking to diversify their income streams or turn their hobbies into profitable ventures. Each episode features a different side hustle success story, with practical tips and strategies on how to get started, overcome challenges, and scale a side business. Whether you’re looking to earn extra income or test the waters of entrepreneurship, this podcast offers valuable insights and actionable advice.

“HBR IdeaCast”

For 20-somethings seeking business insights and management strategies, “HBR IdeaCast” is a podcast worth tuning into. Produced by Harvard Business Review, this podcast features interviews with leading thinkers, executives, and researchers who share their expertise on a wide range of topics. From leadership and innovation to strategy and organizational behavior, “HBR IdeaCast” provides valuable perspectives that can help you navigate the complexities of the business world and excel in your career.

“How I Built This”

Hosted by Guy Raz, “How I Built This” is a podcast that takes you behind the scenes of some of the world’s most successful companies and brands. In each episode, Guy interviews entrepreneurs and innovators, delving into their stories of how they built their businesses from the ground up. From Airbnb and Spanx to Patagonia and Instagram, these stories inspire and offer valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. “How I Built This” provides a unique opportunity to learn from the triumphs and failures of those who have paved the way before you.

“The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast”

Hosted by Pat Flynn, “The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast” is a valuable resource for individuals looking to generate passive income and build a successful online business. Pat shares his own experiences and interviews industry experts who provide insights on topics such as online marketing, blogging, podcasting, and affiliate marketing. With its practical advice and actionable strategies, this podcast equips 20-somethings with the tools they need to create a flexible and profitable career in the digital age.

These career and entrepreneurship podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to help 20-somethings navigate the ever-evolving professional landscape. Whether you’re looking to start your own business, advance in your career, or simply gain insights from successful entrepreneurs, these podcasts will provide you with the guidance and motivation to achieve your goals. So, plug in your earphones and let these podcasts be your trusted companions on your journey to career success and fulfillment.

Lifestyle and Health Podcasts

In the pursuit of a well-rounded and fulfilling life, it’s essential for 20-somethings to prioritize their physical and mental well-being. Lifestyle and health podcasts offer a wealth of information and inspiration to help individuals make positive changes in their daily routines, adopt healthier habits, and cultivate a balanced lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for fitness tips, nutrition advice, mindfulness practices, or general wellness insights, these podcasts cover a wide range of topics to support your journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

“The Model Health Show”

Hosted by Shawn Stevenson, “The Model Health Show” is a podcast that explores the science behind health, fitness, and nutrition. Shawn shares evidence-based insights, interviews leading experts, and provides practical tips to help listeners optimize their physical well-being. From sleep and stress management to exercise and nutrition, this podcast covers a wide range of topics to empower 20-somethings to make informed decisions about their health and wellness.

“The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast”

Hosted by lifestyle blogger and influencer Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and her husband Michael Bosstick, “The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast” offers a unique blend of entertainment, wellness, and entrepreneurship discussions. With a focus on real and raw conversations, Lauryn and Michael share their personal experiences, insights, and interviews with experts from various fields. From beauty and fashion to relationships and business, this podcast provides a well-rounded perspective on living a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

“The Rich Roll Podcast”

Hosted by ultra-endurance athlete and wellness advocate Rich Roll, “The Rich Roll Podcast” explores the intersection of physical and mental well-being, personal growth, and plant-based living. Rich engages in deep and meaningful conversations with guests ranging from athletes and authors to spiritual leaders and experts in various fields. Through these conversations, listeners gain insights into how to optimize their health, find purpose, and live a more conscious and authentic life.

“The Happiness Lab”

In the pursuit of happiness, “The Happiness Lab” offers valuable insights grounded in scientific research. Hosted by Dr. Laurie Santos, a professor of psychology at Yale University, this podcast delves into the science of happiness and well-being. Dr. Santos explores various topics, ranging from gratitude and mindfulness to resilience and the pursuit of meaning. By debunking common misconceptions and providing evidence-based strategies, this podcast equips 20-somethings with the tools to cultivate happiness and lead more fulfilling lives.

“The Mindvalley Podcast”

Hosted by Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley, “The Mindvalley Podcast” explores personal growth, spirituality, and self-improvement. Through interviews with thought leaders, authors, and experts, Vishen delves into topics such as mindfulness, meditation, productivity, and personal transformation. This podcast offers valuable insights and techniques to help 20-somethings tap into their potential, enhance their well-being, and create a life of purpose and fulfillment.

These lifestyle and health podcasts provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for 20-somethings who are seeking to prioritize their well-being, adopt healthier habits, and cultivate a balanced lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for fitness tips, nutrition advice, mindfulness practices, or general wellness insights, these podcasts will guide you on your journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. So, grab your earphones and tune in to these engaging and informative podcasts that will empower you to take charge of your well-being.

Entertainment and Pop Culture Podcasts

In the realm of entertainment and pop culture, podcasts offer a treasure trove of engaging content for 20-somethings who enjoy staying up-to-date with the latest trends, engaging in insightful discussions, and exploring their favorite movies, TV shows, and books. These podcasts provide a platform for in-depth analysis, captivating storytelling, and entertaining conversations that allow listeners to dive deeper into the world of entertainment and pop culture.

“The Joe Rogan Experience”

Hosted by stand-up comedian Joe Rogan, “The Joe Rogan Experience” is one of the most popular and diverse podcasts in the world. With a wide range of guests, including comedians, actors, scientists, and experts from various fields, Joe Rogan engages in long-form conversations that cover a myriad of topics. From current events and politics to health and psychedelics, this podcast offers a unique blend of entertainment, education, and thought-provoking discussions.

“The Popcast”

For 20-somethings who love dissecting pop culture trends and analyzing the latest in music, movies, TV shows, and more, “The Popcast” is a must-listen podcast. Hosted by Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden, this podcast explores the world of pop culture with humor, wit, and insightful commentary. From dissecting the latest celebrity gossip to analyzing the impact of cultural phenomena, “The Popcast” keeps listeners entertained and informed about all things pop culture.


Captivating and addictive, “Serial” is a true crime podcast that took the world by storm. This investigative journalism podcast, hosted by Sarah Koenig, tells compelling and thought-provoking stories over multiple episodes. Each season focuses on a different true crime case, providing in-depth analysis, interviews, and suspenseful storytelling. “Serial” has become a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences with its gripping narratives and immersive storytelling style.

“The Rewatchables”

If you’re a movie and TV show enthusiast who loves revisiting your favorite films and series, “The Rewatchables” podcast is perfect for you. Hosted by Bill Simmons and a panel of guests, this podcast delves into the rewatchable movies and TV shows that have stood the test of time. From discussing memorable scenes and iconic performances to exploring behind-the-scenes trivia, “The Rewatchables” offers entertaining and nostalgic conversations that will reignite your love for your favorite films and TV shows.

“The Binge Mode Podcast”

For 20-somethings who love immersing themselves in the world of TV series and movies, “The Binge Mode Podcast” is a must-listen. Hosted by Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion, this podcast offers in-depth analysis and discussions on popular TV series, movies, and book adaptations. With their passion, knowledge, and humor, Mallory and Jason provide insightful commentary, explore fan theories, and celebrate the beloved characters and storylines that have captured our imaginations.

These entertainment and pop culture podcasts offer a delightful escape into the world of movies, TV shows, celebrity news, and more. Whether you’re seeking thought-provoking discussions, behind-the-scenes insights, or simply looking to stay in the loop with the latest trends, these podcasts will keep you entertained and informed. So, grab your popcorn, settle into your favorite spot, and tune in to these captivating podcasts that celebrate the magic of entertainment and pop culture.