The 34 Best Podcast Agencies (And Reasons to Hire One)

Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular and more profitable. Revenues from podcast advertisements are expected to surpass $2 billion by 2023 and there are currently more than 850,000 podcasts and around 30 million podcast episodes available.

To support this growth, a number of podcast agencies are emerging to help podcast creators with various tasks such as marketing and monetization. These podcast agencies provide a range of services and can be a great way for podcasters to maximize their reach and optimize their income.

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What is a podcast agency?

A podcast agency is a type of business that specializes in creating and promoting podcasts for other companies. They are considered to be a subcategory within the broader field of content marketing. Podcast agencies help businesses create content that is relevant to a specific niche, build relationships with guests, and produce valuable content for their target audience. This can help businesses add value to their ideal buyers, build trust and credibility, and ultimately drive sales.

A podcast production company is responsible for a wide range of tasks that are essential to making a client’s podcast a success. These tasks include developing the podcast strategy, producing high-quality audio, finding appropriate guests, editing audio to ensure optimal sound quality, and promoting the podcast to reach a wider audience.

What defines a successful podcast?

The definition of a successful podcast can vary depending on the goals of the podcast and its creators. However, some common metrics used to define success include the following.

Audience engagement

Audience engagement refers to the level of interaction and participation between a podcast and its listeners. It is an important factor in determining the success of a podcast. The number of downloads, listens, and positive feedback from listeners are key indicators of audience engagement and can provide valuable insights into the popularity and relevance of the podcast and its content.

Downloads measure the number of times a podcast episode has been downloaded or saved for later listening. This can provide a general idea of the podcast’s reach and popularity.

Listens refer to the number of times a podcast episode has been played from start to finish. This metric can provide a more accurate picture of the actual level of engagement with the podcast, as it indicates how many listeners have actually consumed the content.

Positive feedback from listeners, such as comments, ratings, and reviews, can also provide valuable insights into the level of engagement with the podcast. Feedback can help podcast creators understand what their audience likes and dislikes about their content, which can inform future content creation and strategy.

Overall, audience engagement is a critical factor in the success of a podcast, as it helps to build a strong connection between the podcast and its audience, foster brand loyalty, and drive revenue.

Consistent growth

Consistent growth is an important factor in determining the success of a podcast. A successful podcast should show a steady increase in its audience over time, indicating that it is consistently attracting new listeners and retaining its existing audience.

A growing audience is a sign that the podcast is resonating with its target audience, providing valuable content, and building a strong brand. It also opens up new opportunities for monetization and expansion.

Consistent growth requires a strategic approach to podcast creation and promotion, including identifying the right niche, choosing the right format, creating engaging content, and actively promoting the podcast to reach a wider audience. It also requires a commitment to continuously improving and iterating on the podcast content and strategy to stay relevant and meet the needs of its audience.

By demonstrating consistent growth, a podcast can establish itself as a trusted and influential voice in its niche, build a strong brand, and secure its position as a successful and sustainable content platform.

Revenue generation

Revenue generation is a key factor in determining the success of a podcast for those that aim to generate income from their content. A strong monetization strategy is essential for podcasts that want to be financially successful.

There are several ways to monetize a podcast, including sponsorships, advertising, paid subscriptions, and merchandise sales.

Sponsorships involve finding companies that are interested in advertising their products or services on the podcast. This can be a great way to generate income while also providing value to the podcast’s audience.

Advertising involves selling ad space to companies who want to promote their products or services to the podcast’s audience. This can also be a valuable source of revenue for a successful podcast.

Paid subscriptions involve offering exclusive content, early access, or special perks to listeners who pay for a premium membership. This can be a great way to generate revenue and reward loyal fans.

Merchandise sales can also be a source of income for a successful podcast, allowing listeners to purchase merchandise related to the podcast, such as t-shirts, hats, or mugs.

Having a strong monetization strategy is essential for podcasts that aim to generate revenue, as it provides a sustainable source of income and helps to ensure the long-term success of the podcast.

Influencer status

Influencer status is another defining characteristic of a successful podcast. A podcast that has the ability to influence its audience and create change in its niche or industry can be considered a leader in its field.

Having influencer status means that the podcast has a strong following and its audience trusts and values its opinions. This can lead to a wide range of opportunities, including speaking engagements, book deals, and even the ability to shape public opinion on important issues.

Achieving influencer status requires a combination of factors, including providing valuable and engaging content, building a strong brand, and consistently delivering on the podcast’s mission and values. The podcast must also be able to connect with its audience on a personal level, building strong relationships and earning their trust.

By establishing itself as an influencer in its niche, a successful podcast can play a key role in driving change, shaping public opinion, and advancing its industry or cause. This can help to elevate the podcast’s status and increase its reach, making it a valuable and influential voice in its field.


A successful podcast should reach a large and diverse audience, including both its target demographic and beyond.
Reach is an important factor in determining the success of a podcast. A successful podcast should have a large and diverse audience, both within its target demographic and beyond.

Having a wide reach means that the podcast is able to attract and engage a large number of listeners, which can be essential for building a strong and loyal community. This can also help to increase the podcast’s visibility and credibility, making it a go-to resource in its niche or industry.

A successful podcast should aim to reach a diverse audience, including people from different backgrounds, geographic locations, and interests. This can help to broaden the podcast’s appeal and increase its impact, allowing it to reach new audiences and grow its following over time.

In order to increase its reach, a successful podcast should actively promote its content through various channels, such as social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). The podcast should also aim to collaborate with other podcasts, websites, and influencers in its niche, helping to increase its exposure and reach a wider audience.

By reaching a large and diverse audience, a successful podcast can establish itself as a trusted and influential voice in its field, making it a valuable resource for its listeners and a valuable asset for its creators.


Ultimately, the definition of a successful podcast will vary depending on the specific goals and objectives of its creators. However, by consistently engaging with its audience, growing its audience, generating revenue, and having a positive impact, a podcast can be considered successful.

What are the different types of podcast agencies?

There are several different types of podcast agencies, each with its own focus and specialization. Some of the most common types include:

  1. Full-service podcast agencies: These agencies offer a complete range of services, including podcast strategy development, audio production, guest outreach, audio editing, and promotion.
  2. Audio production-focused agencies: These agencies focus primarily on the technical aspects of podcast production, such as recording, editing, and mixing audio.
  3. Content strategy-focused agencies: These agencies specialize in developing and implementing podcast strategies, including identifying the right niche, choosing the right format, and creating a content calendar.
  4. Marketing and promotion-focused agencies: These agencies focus on promoting podcasts to reach a wider audience, including through social media, paid advertising, and email marketing.
  5. Niche-specific agencies: These agencies specialize in podcasts within a particular niche, such as technology, finance, or health.

Each type of podcast agency offers its own unique services, and businesses can choose the type of agency that best meets their needs based on their goals and budget.

What does a podcast agency do?

A podcast agency is a business that helps other businesses build and promote podcasts. A podcast agency typically provides a wide range of services, including:


A podcast agency helps clients develop a clear strategy for their podcast, including defining their target audience, setting goals, and identifying the key topics and themes to be covered in the podcast.

Audio production

A podcast agency is responsible for the audio production of the podcast, including recording, editing, and mixing the audio.

Finding guests

A podcast agency helps clients find and secure guests for the podcast, such as experts, thought leaders, and industry influencers.

Audio editing

A podcast agency is responsible for editing the audio to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality and is suitable for broadcast.


A podcast agency is responsible for promoting the podcast to reach a wider audience, including using social media, email marketing, and SEO.


In short, a podcast agency helps clients build and promote their podcasts, making them successful and helping them reach their target audience. By providing a comprehensive suite of services, a podcast agency helps businesses create valuable content, build strong relationships with their audience, and achieve their goals.

Why should a business hire a podcast agency?

A business might choose to hire a podcast agency for a number of reasons, including:

Expertise: A podcast agency brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table, including knowledge of audio production, guest booking, and marketing. By hiring a podcast agency, a business can leverage the agency’s expertise to create a high-quality podcast that reaches its target audience.

Efficiency: A podcast agency can help a business create a podcast more efficiently than if the business were to do it themselves. The agency can handle all aspects of podcast creation and promotion, freeing up the business to focus on other important tasks.

Cost-effectiveness: Hiring a podcast agency can often be more cost-effective than hiring a team of in-house employees to create and promote the podcast. By outsourcing the work to a podcast agency, a business can save money on salaries, benefits, and other expenses associated with hiring employees.

Time savings: A podcast agency can help a business save time by handling all aspects of podcast creation and promotion. The agency can take care of the time-consuming tasks, such as audio editing and guest booking, freeing up the business to focus on other tasks.

Access to resources: A podcast agency has access to a wide range of resources, such as audio equipment, editing software, and marketing tools, that a business might not have access to. By hiring a podcast agency, a business can leverage these resources to create a high-quality podcast.

Overall, hiring a podcast agency can help a business create a successful podcast more efficiently and effectively, while also freeing up time and resources for the business to focus on other important tasks.

Here are the steps for hiring a podcast agency:

Here are the steps for hiring a podcast agency:

  1. Define your goals: Determine what you hope to achieve with your podcast, such as building brand awareness, generating revenue, or establishing thought leadership in your industry.
  2. Research agencies: Look for podcast agencies that specialize in your industry or niche. Check their websites, read online reviews, and ask for recommendations from other businesses.
  3. Review portfolios: Look at the portfolios of the agencies you are considering. Pay attention to the quality of the podcasts they have produced, the variety of topics they have covered, and the industries they have served.
  4. Ask for references: Contact the agencies you are considering and ask for references from their clients. Ask the references about their experience working with the agency and the results they achieved.
  5. Schedule consultations: Schedule consultations with the agencies you are considering. During the consultations, ask about their process, their experience, and their pricing.
  6. Compare proposals: After the consultations, compare the proposals from the agencies you are considering. Consider factors such as cost, the services offered, and the timeline for completing the project.
  7. Make a decision: Choose the agency that best fits your needs and budget, and that you feel confident will help you achieve your goals.
  8. Sign a contract: Once you have selected the agency, sign a contract that outlines the terms of the engagement, including the services to be provided, the timeline for completing the project, and the payment terms.

By following these steps, you can find and hire a podcast agency that will help you create a successful podcast that meets your goals and exceeds your expectations.

The 34 Best Podcast Agencies

1. Acclaim Podcast Agency

Acclaim is a B2B podcast agency that helps brands increase their revenue by producing, distributing and repurposing podcasts.

They differentiate themselves from competitors by focusing on growth and actually growing the client’s podcast through owned distribution across multiple channels.

They only work with B2B businesses and align with their marketing team to reach revenue goals through data-driven, measurable methods. The team is globally distributed with expertise in audio engineering, design, growth marketing, and more.

They work with ambitious B2B businesses looking to become thought leaders in their niche and offer a simple yet impactful solution for building brand awareness and generating demand.

2. Beacon Digital

Beacon Digital Marketing is a leading B2B marketing agency that specializes in providing fully-integrated marketing solutions to clients in industries such as cyber security, fintech, compliance, human resources, and more.

Their services include strategy & analysis, content & design, performance marketing, web design & development, and marketing technology. Their team excels in account-based marketing, inbound marketing, lead generation, and more. They have extensive experience in using marketing technologies like HubSpot and have a proven track record of delivering effective marketing solutions to our clients.

3. Burst Marketing

Burst Marketing is a podcasting agency that provides various services to businesses and non-profits. The services include podcast strategy development, promotion, production, tracking, distribution, and consultation. The team consists of experienced professionals with expertise in marketing, media, content creation, production, web development, sustainability communications, graphic design, copywriting, and voice art. Since 2004, Burst Marketing has produced thousands of podcast episodes, generating over 5.5 million downloads. The company has worked with a variety of trusted brands and non-profits and has a portfolio of successful podcasts, including “The Data Wranglers,” “Write-Minded,” and “Breast Cancer Action.”

4. Cashflow Podcasting

Cashflow Podcasting is a business that specializes in podcast production and growth coaching. They work with businesses and leaders from all over the world, including keynote speakers, financial advisors, best-selling authors, and leading coaches and consultants. Their clients have reported significant growth, including Michael Kitces whose podcast helped his business generate more than $4 million in new revenue over the last 2 years, and Hilary Hendershott who generated $30,000 in recurring revenue in the first 10 months of her podcast. Cashflow Podcasting’s mission is to help leaders reach more people and make a larger impact through the power of podcasting. They offer a 5-step process and proven Podcast Principles for free and have a variety of service options, including their flagship Podcast Launch Program for $5,999. They also offer a free copy of the Podcast Strategies Book, which outlines the same process they use for their clients.

5. Castos Productions

Castos is a podcast platform that offers a range of features to help users start and grow their podcasts. The platform provides easy-to-use tools for hosting, editing, and managing podcasts, as well as analytics and insights to help podcasters understand their audience and improve their content. Castos also offers production services and integrations with popular social media and podcasting apps. Additionally, the platform provides a suite of resources to help podcasters, including training, blog posts, and a podcast planning template. Castos is trusted by over 40,000 brands, and has received positive reviews from its customers.

6. Content Allies

Content Allies is a B2B podcast agency and production service that helps companies build branded, revenue-generating podcasts. As podcasting is one of the fastest growing mediums, many companies are seeking a podcast production service with a strategic approach. With its white-glove full-service podcast production, Content Allies handles everything from guest outreach to publishing and promotion, allowing clients to focus on holding great interviews and building relationships with their guests.

Content Allies views podcasting as a form of account-based marketing, with 52 potential conversations per year with partners and prospects in a company’s niche. A single podcast episode can also be repurposed into multiple mediums, maximizing content output and minimizing time input. The company predicts that at least 10% of podcast interviews will turn into a referral or customer relationship, potentially generating additional revenue.

Content Allies is located in Colorado Springs, CO and offers a variety of resources, including a call with a podcast expert to determine if podcasting is a good fit for a business.

7. Content Monsta

Content Monsta specializes in digital marketing and content production for marketers and agencies. They offer services such as podcast production, video production, content repurposing, and remote production. Content Monsta is equipped to provide remote video production services to accommodate the trend of remote work. Their podcast production services include recording, editing, distributing, and repurposing.

Content Monsta helps businesses and agencies to generate quality content, drive lead generation, and attract their audience by providing a complete content marketing strategy. They offer advanced marketing services such as digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, content maximization, and marketing automation. Content Monsta’s customers have praised their professionalism, quality, and marketing experience.

Content Monsta’s services are ideal for businesses and agencies that need a digital marketing production partner, creative video production, social media strategy, podcast production, and content creation. They can also benefit individuals looking to become an influencer, boost their career, and increase their social presence. Content Monsta creates unique digital content and enhances it through repurposing and multiplying it. Their team connects content to audiences through social and emerging channels, and their “strategery” involves constant monitoring to keep audiences engaged.

8. Freedom Podcasting

Freedom Podcasting is a team that provides podcast editing and production services, as well as global audio distribution, to help forward-thinking artists, entrepreneurs, and companies produce world-class podcasts. The team currently supports and has supported a number of well-known podcasts, including The Corepreneur Podcast with Anne Arvizu, The Beauty Biz Show with Lori Crete, The John Howard Show, and many others.

To work with Freedom Podcasting, the client records their raw audio files using their own podcasting studio and sends the files to the team. Within three business days, the team will publish the podcast on the client’s web property, with an automated system that distributes the content to a global audience without limitations.

In addition to editing audio, Freedom Podcasting also provides services for podcast art design, launch planning, episode art, meta-tagging, search engine optimization, and platform submission. The team helps clients achieve great audio quality, creates eye-catching cover art, ensures a consistent and effective launch, brands each show with unique designs, writes well-organized index information, improves the client’s chances of being found with white-hat SEO strategies, and submits the podcast to various platforms including iTunes, Spotify, and more.

9. FRQNCY Media

FRQNCY Media is a podcast production company that offers a range of services, including on-demand podcast production, audio innovation, full-service production, and plug-and-play packages. The company offers support in all aspects of podcast production, from concept development and market research to editing and marketing. FRQNCY’s team of producers and engineers specialize in smart production processes and offer expertise in content strategy and marketing. The company also offers consulting services with its team of experts. FRQNCY Media was founded in 2018 by Michelle Khouri and has produced podcasts for various clients, including Coca-Cola, Apple, Jane Goodall, and DVF. The company is dedicated to providing tailored and customized audio production support to its clients.

10. JAR Audio

JAR Audio is a full-service podcast agency that helps mid-market, Fortune 500, and media group brands connect with their target audience through compelling storytelling. The agency has a focus on meaningful and measurable results, and it has worked with some of the biggest brands to help them connect with their audience. JAR Audio covers a wide range of industries, including sports, music and tech, entrepreneurship, eco-feminism, diversity in business, and mental health. The agency offers various podcast formats, including solo interviews, documentary-style content, panel discussions, hybrid formats, and more. The JAR process includes 8 steps, starting with a foundational strategy workshop and ending with consumption data and analytics. The team at JAR Audio is proud to work with a range of wonderful clients and partners, and they invite new clients to contact them to learn more.

12. Lower Street

Lower Street is a podcast production company that provides services to ambitious companies. They offer a range of services that go beyond audio production and aim to support broader business goals. These services include building the podcast to align with business goals, planning themes, creating a sonic identity, drafting interview questions, writing narration scripts, connecting clients with local talent, adding music and sound design, publishing the show, creating promo pieces, and writing valuable show notes. The company works with well-known brands such as FIS, Kearney, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Stanford Seed, Cadence Bank, and Adyen.

Lower Street’s services differ from those offered by a freelance editor or budget online service as they offer a complete concept, production, and promotion package for a genuinely valuable show. The company’s services are appreciated by its clients who describe them as professional and capable of taking their podcast to the next level. The company operates in the client’s time zone and is focused on quality over everything.

According to Rich Martell, the creator of the UK #1 business podcast Secret Leaders, Lower Street is the go-to place to get your podcast made and get it out there. Bridget Bell from Leidos and Hannah Doksansky from Crisp Video have also praised the company’s expertise in sound quality and engineering, and their ability to help execute the podcast in the best way possible. Lower Street believes that it’s not the size of the audience that matters, but having the right audience.

13. LWC Studios

LWC Studios is a digital and audio production company that creates award-winning podcasts and films. They serve a range of clients in the entertainment, non-profit, education, corporate, and publishing industries. The company offers a full suite of production services, including a complete line of digital audio production. LWC Studios is dedicated to erasing the margins and creating stories that stay with the audience long after the credits. They can be followed on social media and contacted through email for any production inquiries. LWC Studios is a subsidiary of Lantigua Williams & Co., Inc., which has received a positive review from the BBB. The company’s intellectual property rights are reserved from 2015 to 2022, and they have a privacy policy in place for the protection of their clients.

14. Motion Agency

Motion is a podcast agency that helps B2B marketing professionals in tech companies launch their own podcasts. The company offers flat rate subscriptions for their podcast packages and provides support throughout the entire podcast production process. Motion believes that producing a podcast for a company can create awareness and build trust with customers. The company has worked with several B2B powerhouses and has produced their own podcast, “Recorded Content”, for small marketing teams looking to launch and grow a successful B2B podcast. In each episode of “Recorded Content”, they provide stories and advice on overcoming the challenges of launching, running, and growing a show. By launching a podcast, Motion aims to help companies publish more high-quality content consistently, develop new relationships within their industry, and get their team excited about marketing again. Motion can be contacted through their website to schedule a call and discuss the company’s vision for their podcast. The company operates under their privacy policy and terms and conditions.

15. Pacific Content

Pacific Content is a company that helps clients amplify their voice and connect with their audiences through original branded audio content. They offer podcast services and have several successful podcasts of their own, such as “Bring Back Bronco,” “Invisible Forces,” “Wireframe,” “Choiceology,” and “Trailblazers.” They also have a blog where they provide audio strategy, analysis, and insight. To stay updated with their latest work, interested parties can sign up for their newsletter. Pacific Content was founded in 2023 and all rights are reserved.

16. Pineapple Street Studios

Pineapple Street Studios is a company that helps clients amplify their voice and create original audio content. They have a team of talented hosts who produce podcasts, including “Bring Back Bronco,” “Invisible Forces,” “Wireframe,” “Choiceology,” and “Trailblazers.” One of their podcasts, “9/12,” was named as a finalist in the 2023 duPont-Columbia Awards. Pineapple Street Studios has worked with partners such as Apple, HBO, Netflix, Amazon, Mail Chimp, Nike, Spotify, and AMC. They welcome new clients to contact them and sign up for their newsletter.

17. Podcast Fast Track

PFT is a podcast production company that offers professional podcast services without the time burden. They offer a variety of services including audio editing, show notes creation, video editing, and other podcast production services. Podcasters can choose from a range of packages and add-on services, including podcast consulting, custom music, podcast cover art, voiceovers, video editing, and interview guest intake automation. The team at PFT edits audio to maximize comprehension, quality, and enjoyment, and their show notes are summaries of blog posts designed to turn readers into listeners. The company provides a custom quote for each client and has a FAQ section for those who are new to podcasting. With over 1400 new podcasts submitted every day, professional editing and show notes service from PFT can help set a podcast apart from the competition and create a valuable listening experience for the audience.

18. Podcast Monster

Podcast Monster is a podcast production company that provides various services to help podcasters create a professional and engaging podcast. The company offers audio editing, video editing, and other production services, as well as custom quotes and a la carte options for audio editing, show notes, and other services. In addition, Podcast Monster provides podcast consulting, custom music, podcast cover art, voiceovers, and video editing services. The company also has plans to release a feature for interview guest intake automation. Podcasters can find answers to frequently asked questions about the company’s services on the website. The goal of Podcast Monster is to help podcasters focus on creating killer content while leaving the rest of the podcast production to the company.

19. Podfly

Podfly is a podcast production company that specializes in creating high-quality podcasts for brands. The company is made up of experienced professionals from the top podcast organizations in the industry. They focus on delivering the brand message in fresh and creative ways, starting with the development of the show concept and continuing through the writing, sound design, and final production. Podfly also provides distribution, syndication, and support for their clients, including well-known brands such as IBM and HarperCollins. Additionally, they offer professional recording services for interviews and internal podcasts to help engage employees. To learn more or get started, they can be contacted through their sales office by phone or email.

20. Podsicle Media

Podsicle Media LLC is a podcast production company that specializes in “Done-for-you podcasting”. They offer creative, production and content services to help brands increase demand, reach, leads, revenue, and trust through the power of podcasting. They claim to help turn up a brand’s marketing efforts to 11, and provide evidence that organizations with branded podcasts have an increased awareness, brand consideration, brand favorability, purchase intent, memory encoding, and engagement compared to those without. The company is based in Los Angeles.

21. Pro Podcast Solutions

Pro Podcast Solutions is a company that offers a variety of podcast-related services, including professional podcast editing, artwork design, intro and outros, show notes, website configuration for podcasting, RSS setup and repair, one-on-one podcast consulting, podcast launch packages, and publishing. They work with clients to choose the right equipment, help them sound professional, and provide the necessary support so that the client can focus on what they do best. The team at Pro Podcast Solutions is led by Darrell Darnell, who has received high praise from clients for his top-notch podcast editing style, which balances authenticity and polish.

The company’s clients have been impressed with the results they have received from Pro Podcast Solutions, with many expressing that they are glad they made the decision to work with the company. Some clients have even stated that working with Pro Podcast Solutions has given them more time to do the things they love most. To learn more about the services offered by Pro Podcast Solutions, the cost of their services, and how quickly episodes can be edited and published, visit their website or book a discovery call.

22. Produce Your Podcast

ProduceYourPodcast is a renowned industry leader in full-service podcast production since 2016. They offer a wide range of services including launch, recording, producing, and distributing podcasts. Their success is driven by their commitment to delivering customer satisfaction and providing cutting-edge creative concepts, broadcast quality audio and video production, and white-glove service. The company is well-known for their systematic approach to designing and building revenue-focused podcasts.

They offer a “Done-For-You Podcasting” service that is available remotely, making it accessible to businesses that may have challenges with technology. They provide all the necessary tools and support to launch, record, produce, and distribute a podcast, and to keep it growing. They have revolutionized remote recording sessions by connecting podcasters and their guests in a virtual studio, recording the podcast with the help of a live engineer.

Their clients are satisfied with their services and the company has received recognition from various international platforms. They provide a free webinar on demand, “Grow Your Show Webinar with Blubrry,” which offers actionable tips for audience growth, innovative ways to engage with listeners, and strategies to set up a successful podcast. The company is dedicated to over-delivering customer satisfaction and helping businesses grow their podcasts.

23. Q’d Up

Q’d Up is a full-service digital audio agency that specializes in podcast and audiobook production, distribution, and marketing. They are an award-winning agency and aim to increase engagement, brand awareness, and revenue for their clients. Q’d Up offers a range of services from pre-production to distribution and marketing, making the production process stress-free. They have received positive reviews from their clients, who praise their quality of service, attention to detail, and professionalism. The agency has worked with a variety of clients, including Penn State Health and The Hershey Company.

24. Quill

Quill is a full-service podcast agency that provides brands and publishers with the resources they need to create, launch and grow successful podcasts. Quill has worked with a diverse portfolio of global brands spanning various industries and has received recognition for their award-winning podcast production services. Quill’s clients have reported a positive experience with the agency, highlighting their knowledge and expertise in the field, as well as their accommodating and attentive team. Quill has received media attention for their work and provides bi-weekly newsletters to keep their audience up-to-date on the latest podcasting news and trends. Additionally, Quill offers a podcast marketing tool and hosts the Quill Podcast Awards and the Listen In Podcast Conference.

25. Relationary Marketing

RELATIONARY MARKETING is a turnkey podcast production agency for B2B content marketing. The company uses cookies to optimize its website and services. They offer solutions and services to help clients build branded podcasts that deliver engaging content. The podcasts can be used to establish brand credibility, recognize key customers, nurture high-value prospects, or promote events. The company provides thought leadership podcasts featuring internal subject matter experts and industry influencers, relationship nurturing podcasts spotlighting key clients and their success stories, trade show presence podcasts providing a VIP experience in the booth, and event promotion podcasts raising awareness and driving registrations. The company also provides resources on promoting podcasts to reach new audiences and effective podcast copywriting.

26. Resonate Recordings

Resonate Recordings is a personal podcast production team that offers audio editing, production management, and other services to make podcasting easier. The team at Resonate consists of experienced audio engineers who understand high-level podcast editing and provide an all-in-one solution for their clients. They have helped over 3,000 podcasts since 2014 and have produced 13 shows that have reached #1 in Apple Podcasts. The company offers various podcast services, including audio editing, launch support, video production, enterprise podcasting, creative development, and podcast marketing. They also provide detailed analytics to study the performance of podcasts, simple hosting, and private hosting. Resonate has received positive feedback from several clients, including Payne Lindsey, Delia D’Ambra-Wheeler, and Neil Strauss.

27. ScrubCast

Scrub Cast is a podcast editing, transcription, and publishing service that aims to take the frustrations out of podcast editing. The service provides an easy and hassle-free way for podcast creators to record their podcast and have Scrub Cast handle the rest of the production process. The audio will be edited to remove mistakes, background noise, and unwanted breaths, as well as being mastered to make the podcast sound professional. Scrub Cast also offers optional services such as unique artwork per episode and transcriptions of the audio file.

The pricing for the service is flexible, offering both a pay-as-you-go plan for $120 per episode and a monthly plan for $440 for up to 4 episodes per month. The company is the leading high-end podcast editing service and all work is carried out in-house by professional audio engineers, with a satisfaction guarantee. The team at Scrub Cast consists of founder Tim Poulton and Dave, who both have extensive backgrounds in audio and media production.

The first episode is edited free of charge, and the company is open to accommodating longer episodes. The company offers production advice and help, linking to related show content if required, and uploading the final file if needed.

28. Sweet Fish Media

Sweet Fish is a company that provides podcast services. They specialize in producing client shows that aim to create an emotional bias and affinity towards the client’s B2B brand. The company believes that most B2B podcasts are forgettable commodities and aims to solve this problem by producing shows that are memorable and favorite among the audience. The company has a mission to produce every leader’s favorite show. They have produced over 2,000 episodes, including shows with guests such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Dave Gerhardt, and are proud to have one of the top 100 podcasts on Apple Podcasts. Sweet Fish is dedicated to producing differentiated and refreshingly good interview shows that help clients own key themes and accelerate brand affinity. They also have a blog that features articles on topics such as media brand, podcast growth strategies, and more. The company can be found on various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

29. The Podcast Consultant

The Podcast Consultant offers a range of services to help busy clients grow their podcasts. From podcast consulting to audio and video production, the team at The Podcast Consultant is equipped to handle all aspects of podcasting, allowing clients to simply speak into the microphone and let the conversation flow. The Podcast Consultant provides watertight strategies, industry insights, and proven techniques to publish and distribute the show, capturing the hearts of potential listeners. With over + Episodes Published and + Total Downloads, The Podcast Consultant has helped numerous companies, including Tiffany&Co, Risk Reversal, Stocktwits, and others, improve their podcasts. Book a 30-minute consultation call with The Podcast Consultant today to get started.

30. The Podcast Haven

The Podcast Haven is a Los Angeles based podcast production company that specializes in producing shows for a range of clients, including business owners, brands, social media influencers, and corporate partners. The company’s goal is to help individuals and organizations tell their stories through audio, with a focus on audio production.

The experts at The Podcast Haven have extensive experience in the industry and have created nearly 1,500 episodes for clients in various industries, many of which regularly rank highly on Apple’s Podcast Charts. The company is dedicated to ensuring that their clients’ podcasts stand out in a crowded field.

The podcasting process can be complex, but The Podcast Haven takes care of the details, making the process as smooth as possible for their clients. The company ensures that their clients receive squeaky clean audio by removing any distracting features, such as background noise and excessive “ums” and “ahs.”

The staff at The Podcast Haven are not only experts in their field but also experienced podcasters themselves. They understand the nuances of sound design, quality, and marketing strategy, and are able to offer guidance based on their own personal experience.

Clients have praised The Podcast Haven for their excellent work, with testimonials such as “I highly recommend Eric for any audio based project” and “you’ve been amazing and I recommend you to anyone needing a good editor.” The company also offers an e-book, The Four Pillars of Podcasting, to help individuals master the entire podcasting process from start to finish.

31. Vocal Fry Studios

Vocal Fry Studios is a podcast-making company that works with media brands, corporate clients, and non-profits to create original podcasts. They also speak at conferences and train the next generation of podcasters. The company produces a newsletter called “Vocal Fridays,” which is sent out every Friday and features breaking news in the Canadian and American podcast industry, exclusive interviews with popular podcasters, must-listen recommendations, freebies, job listings, and skills workshops. The term “vocal fry” refers to a way of speaking in which air moves slowly through the vocal cords, producing a low popping sound that can be difficult to hear, and is often used unconsciously by some speakers, particularly women.

32. We Edit Podcasts

We Edit Podcasts is a female-founded company that provides podcasting services such as audio and video editing, transcription, show notes writing, voice-over and launch and distribution help. They offer a wide range of services to customers of all sizes, from individuals just starting out to established entrepreneurs and businesses. The company has a team of in-house experts who can deliver transcripts with 99% accuracy and can also provide podcast launch services. They offer pricing for their services starting from $50 for show notes writing to $399 for podcast launch services. They have worked with some of the biggest names in the podcasting industry and have a high satisfaction rating from their customers. The process for submitting new episodes is simple, and includes sign-up and setup, submitting files, processing, and return and revision. The company has been trusted across the globe since starting in 2015, and has a call scheduling option for those interested in discussing their podcast needs.

33. Cue Podcasts

Cue is a full-service podcasting agency that specializes in providing a voice to brands. They help create podcasts that connect the audience to topics they are interested in and work with ambitious brands to bring their world-class podcasts to life. They believe in the power of audio to create meaningful connections in today’s digital world and aim to empower storytellers to craft and share their stories. They offer world-class audio and video production, distribution, and promotion services. Their clients have reported a smoother experience with a dedicated production partner like Cue.

34. Podcasts Engineers

Podcast Engineers is a team of professional podcast engineers that help individuals and businesses create high-quality, clean, and crisp podcasts. They take care of the editing and mastering process so their clients can focus on creating genuine conversations, sharing unique ideas, and growing their audience. The company has been in operation since 2013 and has helped over 300 shows refine their recording process and release consistent, professionally edited episodes. Their process is straightforward, involving the optimization of recording, editing and mastering of audio, and publishing the final product. They have received positive feedback from clients, who have praised their communication, editing skills, professionalism, and affordability. Some of the shows they have worked with include “Clarify on Fire”, “The Truth About Real Estate Investing”, and “The Go Diaper Free Podcast”.






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